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VOA Museum to host fundraising dinner and dance  Sept. 14, 2018

Listener follow up to the ham talk Live VOA program on Sept. 13, 2018

Docs Alphabetical Listing

50 Years of Broadcasting (VOA) by Dave Snyder, 1.8 Meg, PDF

200 kW HF transmitters at VOA Bethany Relay Station, 6.2 Meg, PDF

Alfred Carlton Gilbert:: An Unsung Radio Pioneer by James O'Neal    500 Kb, PDF

Bits of Wireless History from The Gray History of Wireless Museum by Jack Gray   14.7 Meg, PDF

Cincinnati's Powel Crosley by J.M.Rice   55.5 Meg, PDF

Crosley Built 75 K, PDF

Directory of Broadcast Receivers 1921-1930 from Vintage Radio by Morgan E McMahon 3rd Edition  4.3 Meg, PDF

How the Icyball Refrigerator Worked, 55K, PDF

How Spark Transmitters Work by Dave Snyder   28 Meg, PDF

How Time Balls Worked (See page 12 explaining how the
Nation Weather Service began in Cincinnati because of telegraphy) 3.6 Meg, PDF

Icyball Refrigerator Instructions 250K, PDF

Narrative of History of VOA Bethany 132K, PDF

Pocket Fact Sheet VOA Bethany 1 Meg, PDF

Pictures, National VOA Museum of Broadcasting

Pictures, Gray History of Wireless Exhibit at the National VOA Museum of Broadcasting

Pictures, Media Heritage Exhibit at the National VOA Museum of Broadcasting

Radio aboard the RMS Titanic by Fred Archibals VE1FA  3.6 Meg, PDF

Radio and How it Works by Lew Currier 1945  For the Crosley Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) 6.8 Meg, PDF

R.J. Rockwell and His Cathanode Rig

Significant Dates for VOA Bethany Station by Dave Snyder  77K, PDF

The Crosley Story by Jack Gray 14.5 Meg, PDF

USCGC Courier Story in poster form from the USCGC Courier Association 14.4 Meg, PDF

USCGC Courier (WTR-410) and The Voice of America by Sarah Lanzaro  5 Meg, PDF

USCGC Crew Member David H, K6JDH, menories page from QRZ (with permission)

VOA Today - 2018  85K, PDF

VOA Languages Alphabetical

VOA Languages Present to Past

WLW 500 KW History by Clyde Haehnle    7.3 meg, PDF


National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting on Ham Talk Live Audio Only  Sept.. 2016  44:59
(Jay Adrick K8CJY, Joe Gruber WD8AZQ  and Gary West K8DEV)

USCGC Courier and the VOA on Ham Talk Live Audio Only (Lee Hite) Sept. 13, 2018   46:14


America's Voice    17:18

Crosley Built  8:30

Radio Proximity Fuze

VOA Legacy - An Era Begin  9:56
Narrated by Dave Snyder (last Bethany Plant Manager), Charles Stinger (former Bethany Plant Manger) and Paul Wiseman ( Bethany Maintenance Supervisor).

Welcome to Bethany Relay Station  by; Dave Snyder  Part 1 & 2  16:08

Rusty McClure on Powel Crosley and WWII

Part 1 of 5 Tour of Voice of America Transmitter Plant, Greenville, NC, YouTube  Nov. 2009  8:48

Voice of America Bethany (Mason) Ohio Relay Station tour by station manager  (David Sites, KC4QG)   April 24, 1992  21:41

Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting  By Jim Hawkins   August 28, 2012; 39:30

Voice of America Museum Special tour , July 31, 2013 by Amateur Featuring (Dave Snyder) 45:08

Voice of America by Mr. Audio Sound Images 2:09 

WLW Super-Power Transmitter Tour from 1985    recorded on December 9, 1985 by Art Vuolo, Jr. and  Randy Michaels

WLW 500,000 Watt Transmitter tour by Jay Adrick K8CJY thru Randy Hall, K7AGE, YouTube  31:43

WLW's 500,000 Watt Transmitter   By  K7AGE Randall Hall   31:48

WLW AM Transmitter Tour 1997, by Jim Hawkins - WA2WHV Chief Engineer: Paul Jellison

WC8VOA Amateur Radio Station about Ham Radio in disasters, WCPO Cincinnati (Joe Molter) Sept 13, 2018   2:03